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Complete List Google’s 200 Ranking Factors – Part 5

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61. Content Provides Value and Unique Insights:

Google has stated that they’re on the hunt for sites that don’t bring anything new or useful to the table, especially thin affiliate sites.

62. Contact Us Page:

The aforementioned Google Quality Document states that they prefer sites with an “appropriate amount of contact information”. Supposed bonus if your contact information matches your whois info.

63. Domain Trust/TrustRank:

Site trust-measured by how many links away your site is from highly-trusted seed sites – is a massively important ranking factor.

64. Site Architecture:


A well put-together site architecture (especially a silo structure) helps Google thematically organize your content .

65. Site Updates

How often a site is updated — and especially when new content is added to the site — is a site-wide freshness factor.

66. Number of Pages:

The number of pages a site is a weak sign of authority. At the very least a large site helps distinguish it from thin affiliate sites.

67. Presence of Sitemap:

A sitemap helps search engines index your pages easier and more thoroughly, improving visibility.

68. Site Uptime :

Lots of downtime from site maintenance or server issues may hurt your ranking (and can even result in deindexing if not corrected).

69. Server Location:

Server location may influence where your site ranks in different geographical regions. Especially important for geo-specific searches.

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